Le Grand Bleu + Le Pont de l’Ouysee



Banana souffle, fresh strawberries, and rich vanilla ice cream.


This is the only Michelin restaurant at Sarlat-la-Caneda.

It is across from SNCF, the train station in the outskirt of the town.

It is the first Michelin restaurant that we went to on this trip.


Salmon sashimi with spinach on top and basmati rice ice cream.

Basmati rice ice cream is actually quite good. You can taste the

unique flavor of Indian Basmati rice.


Not surprisingly, there is a Japanese chef in the kitchen.

You can tell by the Asian influence. I found out about this by

accident. I handed the French and Chinese translation of

food allergy list to the hostess. She thought it is written in Japanese.

She told me that they have a Japanese chef who probably can read this.

Well she not only took my original and made a copy of it to post in the kitchen to

make sure that my daughter’s food contain no item that she

would be allergic to. I called that “full" attention.


 Chicken rolls with beet sauce.

It was declicious. The French know how to cook their chicken.

I can tell it was a free-range chicken by the texture.


Steak with carrot and spinach puree. I think they had

overdone the foamed puree. It is a little bit out of proportion.


Fish on top of zuchinni with carrot puree.

Same as this foamed puree, a little bit too much.


On the way to Le Pont de L’Ouysee. We saw Geese at a foie

gras farm. This restaurant is about 40-minute drive from

Sarlat-la-Caneda. The drive was lovely and rural.


A castle on top of a hill next to Le Pont de l’Ouysee

restaurant. How I wish I were the owner of this castle. It sits

on a cliff by the river. The view is spectacular.


Part of the garden at Le Pont de L’Ouysee restaurant.

We ate under these walnut trees with chef’s dog resting

underneath our table. It is so quiet and peaceful. The

restaurant is in the middle of nowhere. Yet it is a Michelin

one-star restaurant. We are used to this because we have

been to so many Michelin restaurants in the same kind of

environment. You always wonder if you are driving at the

right direction or not.


Fish fillet on top of a hearty tomato sauce.

My family loves this dish. My daughter kept talking about it

when we came back. It may look simple but the tomato sauce

was done right and the fish was cooked just right. It was a

spicy tomato sauce that my family always loves. They love

tomato sauce more than buttery or cream sauce.


The dessert was an apple pie that was cooked to perfection.

My family objected my photo-taking because they wanted

to eat first. We ate it so fast that I forgot to take a photo.



6 thoughts on “Le Grand Bleu + Le Pont de l’Ouysee

  1. 其實真的不需要食材太豪華或複雜, 簡單的東西看起來簡單, 吃起來卻是一大學問, 法國人對吃的講究真是美國人大大追步上的地步啊

    • To yufei

      女兒念念不忘 那道魚料理 一個簡單的白魚 和番茄sauce 確能令人難忘 其實我吃東西 不追求名貴的食材 而是廚師如何準備 配菜 烹煮 當然餐廳的氣氛和服務也是重點

  2. 好個味覺和視覺的享受….
    對我而言, 餐盤擺飾的視覺影響有時候和味覺的享受同等重要(有時甚至更重要) 尤其在旅行時, 特別會注意餐廳在上菜時的呈獻, 如果擺飾很合我的味, 即使牛排煎得有點老我也會努力地把它吃下去, (因為這可能只是one time only) 原來我真的是視覺系動物!
    我覺得一家好的餐廳不光光只是能提供高級的食材,製作出上等的料理. 如果還能專注在顧客用餐相關的極微小的細節中,讓顧客在用饍的同時感受到他們對客人的尊重及對料理的用心. 這樣或許也會相對地提高客人的品質及餐廳的素質才是.

    • To 香水百合

      吃飯 現在也不只是滿足肚子的飽足 大部份的人類 已有幸能更上一層 追逐其他的滿足 所以不管視覺或味覺 還有餐廳的佈置 location, 服務和貼心否 都能影響一餐的

  3. The steak with carrot and spinach puree…
    Colours are so intense and vivid…
    and the banana souffle…gees…raise up beautifully.

    Hope I can bring colours to my table…



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