An Unwanted Banana

Banana is a weird fruit.


It is not juicy, nor is it crunchy. When it becomes like this, the taste

and texture is even more awful. We are not fond of bananas.

The only time I buy bananas is to make desserts.

When they are made into either banana chiffon cake or

banana bread, it seems that it has transformed itself.

The aroma of ripened banana from the cake fills the air in the

house. It is so flavorful that no one can resist.

它既不像西瓜多汁 也不梨子會脆


那個味道 口感等 都不受我們喜歡

會買香蕉 都是為了做甜點用的

不管是香蕉戚風蛋糕 還是香蕉麵包

它的香味 讓這個原來不受歡迎的水果 瞬間變成寵兒

連最討厭吃香蕉的女兒 都頻頻讚美它的美味 一塊又一塊的吃

This banana bread was made a few days ago at night.

I don’t like adding leavening agents such as baking powder or soda.

I usually make chiffon cakes by beating the egg whites enough so that

I don’t need to use any baking powder. As for banana bread, it is a little

bit tricky. If I whip up the eggs like chiffon cake, then it loses the texture

as banana bread. But I still want to cut down the amount of baking soda.

這是好幾天前 傍晚做的 我一向不喜歡使用蛋糕發粉或小蘇打

我做的蛋糕都不使用發粉 只是把蛋白打得很發

但是香蕉蛋糕比較不同 就定義來說 它不是蛋糕 但也不是麵包

打得太發 就變成是蛋糕的組織 就不能稱做是banana bread

There are many ways of making banana bread. You can cream butter

and sugar first, then add eggs and so on. Or you can just mix all the

ingredients together if using liquid oil rather than butter. Unflavored

yogurt can be added to increase its moisture. Nuts can be added. There are

many variations in making it.

製作香蕉麵包的方法很多樣 有的是把奶油糖打發到泛白

若是使用液體油脂 只要把材料混合均勻

也有人加入核桃 原味優格等

In order to cut down the baking soda, I whipped the eggs with

sugar but not to the extent of making a sponge cake. I also

used yogurt and canola oil.


我將蛋和糖打發 但是沒有到做海綿蛋糕的打法

我用了原味優格和canola oil

We like to eat banana bread warm. I baked this for an after school snack.

My little one enjoyed it so much that we finished this in no time.

Banana bread is not technically like bread that contains yeast.

It is just a quick bread that has a texture in between bread and

cake. It is a hearty snack and very easy to make. The

key point is to not overmix the batter. It is just that simple.

Anybody can make this. You don’t need a packaged mix.

我們喜歡吃瘟熱的香蕉蛋糕 這是做給女兒下課後的點心

一放學 他就吃上一大塊 晚上也是

一個很討厭香蕉的小孩 卻獨鍾於這樣的香蕉蛋糕

 這個做法實在是超簡單 不需要買市面上的預拌粉

只要不要過度攪拌麵糊 萬事就ok了


7 thoughts on “An Unwanted Banana

  1. 我以前都一直不懂香蕉到底哪裡好吃?從小就看"國語日報"上面有好多人發表香蕉吃起來多麼好吃香味多麼特別的文章(尤其台灣似乎產香蕉挺有名的),就如同您女兒對香蕉的看法, 我實在不懂它的了不起之處(唯一就是方便剝皮啦)~自從來到美國後, 到處都見的著香蕉的蹤影, 好像自然而然也會開始吃香蕉了…從來沒有自己做過banana bread, 被您的照片香到了(it’s tea time now), 我知道現在廚房裡待熟成的香蕉要出新任務了:D

  2. I love Banana Bread and have been searching for ways that would cut down the leavening as well. Life here is quite different, still adjusting… really miss having an oven. In any case, want to wish you Happy Thanksgiving! Thank you for everything you have done for me!! Wish your family all the best!


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