Breaking Canelé Codes-2

These are step by step procedures to make canelés .

1. Put milk and butter in a saucepan. Scrape the seeds of the vanilla bean into the mixture.

Warm the mixture until the butter melts. Set aside.

2.Mix sugar with sifted flour in a bowl.

3. Lightly mix the eggs so that the whites and yolks are combined. No need to whip

or beat.

4. Mix the eggs into the sugar and flour mixture.

5. Slowly pour the milk mixture into the flour mixture. Add more when there

are no more lumps.

6. Stir in rum to the batter.

7. Strain the mixture to remove any lumps. Let cool.

8. Cover and Refrigerate overnight or 12 hours minimum.

9. Preheat the oven to  425-450 degrees Fahrenheit. Every oven is different,

you need to play around to find the right temperature for you.

10. Treat the molds with beeswax as described in Breaking Canelé Codes-1.

11. Stir the mixture thoroughly before pouring into the molds because

the flour has sunk to the bottom.

12. Fill the batter to the molds and place them in a baking pan lined up

with parchment paper.

13. Place the baking pan in the middle oven rack.

This was about 25 minutes after. You can see the batter starting to rise.

At about 35 minutes or half way through baking, take the pan out and turn

the pan around to ensure even baking.

The batter started to fall back into the molds.

At 45 minutes of baking, they settled down completely at this point. Continue to bake.

Cover the top with aluminum foil if the top is dark enough for you before they

are baked completely.

This was what they looked like coming out from the oven.

Canelés cooling on a rack.

Let’s take a look at the texture inside.

The crust is crispy and caramelized, not rubbery. The inside is cooked through

 like custard. It is smooth, soft and moist. That is what a canelé should be.

I have made some changes from my older posts about canelé.  I used Violet

 cake flour from Japanese Nissin company.

I also reduced the quantity of flour and increased eggs . It was quite interesting

to see the difference. I like the texture. However, my daughter prefers less

custardy texture. She prefers canelés made by all-purpose flour and fewer eggs.

That is why I believe that taste is a very personal opinion. But most importantly

is that you must know how to adjust accordingly by modifying the recipes yourself.

 Our hostess at St.-Emilion served us these delicacies over breakfast. The

Michelin-starred restaurants served these as petit fours after meal. I prefer to serve

them for afternoon tea. I would bake them just in time to share with my daughter

coming back from school. With a pot of her favourite Bolero tea from Mariage Freres,

we would chat about what happened in school today.

life becomes more interesting and rewarding when there are sweets like these.

Baking becomes more challenging when I tackle different tastes requested by my

family. Experimenting creates lots of fun in the kitchen.  I hope you will also enjoy this

heavenly sweets as much as we do. These treats are not that difficult to make at all.

Don’t let the fancy French name discourage you. You can make them if you have

the proper molds and ingredients ready and a heart full of passion about baking.


24 thoughts on “Breaking Canelé Codes-2

  1. The contrast in texture between the crusty shell and the custard like inside makes a canele so enchanting!!!

    I would buy the copper molds just to daydream even… they are so beautiful!

  2. Christina文字跟照片都好有說服力啊! 我好像從沒吃過canele,不過從照片中我似乎聞到焦香味的crust~ yum yum 🙂 雖然我沒吃過也沒做過,但是開始想買幾個銅模回來試試(我也不愛矽膠模)。Amazon上有賣Mauviel 2-inch mold at $20/ea, eligible for 4-for-3 promotion。看起來也挺划算的~

    • 謝謝你 我只是業餘攝影 照片除了偶而會cropping 也沒有任何人工的修片 原味的表現出 比起專業的 技術差太多 不過這樣子 更督促自己

      這樣子 一個15元 算是很不錯 省下一張飛機票!法國買 一個要八歐元 我只是旅行中 順便帶回來而已

  3. 對甜點, 我向來不是很有耐心, 是吃的沒有耐心, 因為本人缺乏sweet tooth.
    漂漂亮亮一盤出烤箱, 當下最快樂, 吃下第一口是喜悅, 接下來的心動就停止了.
    我家老爺常說, 他被我害慘了!

    看妳做的好美, 模也很antique-y.

  4. 看起來好專業,也拍的超級美的!口水直流勒!

    剛剛看了你之前與別人的迴響,也想跟你分享~ 其實烤西點我最不愛的就是用矽膠做的烤模,尤其是要有上色或是酥,脆口感的東西最好不要用矽模否則即使步驟正確烤出來絕對跟外面賣的不一樣!用銅或是白鐵或是鐵的材質去做都有一定的道理….有些東西還是跟隨傳統的腳步走真的是沒錯!!

    • 我這人好像是比較傳統 一想起矽模 我的直覺是 plastic的感覺 不怕見笑 我的直接反應是silicone implant 對這種高科技產物 比起手工打造的銅器 那種感覺真的差很多 先前有個專門賣canele的美國網站 很沒有禮貌跑來嗆聲 硬說是 她們用矽模作的 一樣的美 我跑去她們的部落格看 真的嚇到了 這樣子還能做生意 還說她們每天賣上千個 我在想 是谁會去買這樣的甜點 難道美國客人不知道真正好的canele應該是甚麼嗎

      有些東西 就是要遵守傳統 矽模相對比較 比較便宜 而且處理簡單 對做生意的 當然方便 雖然我只是做給自己家人吃 但是品質絕對重要 那就是我烘培的精神 不然就不要做了

        • Well said, I can’t agree more. 食物雖說是很個人化 但是還是有點原則的 應該要脆 就不該是下面脆 而頂端是白的 不脆 白色的 就是沒接觸到烤模 失去browning 的effect 吃起來口感是不同的 也許有的人 要求比較不嚴格吧

  5. 知名部落格作家Pim最近也寫了兩篇canele的詳細
    寫的的確很詳細也很認真, 不過, 你的看起來比較漂亮
    我在家裡只有矽膠模, 做出來都是白屁屁, 無法像你的焦的發亮
    有時在一些食譜看到canele, 竟然是整個黃金白白地
    連Jacques Pépin的食譜裡照片也是, 實在很無法想像法國廚師
    今年如果有去法國, 一定要把這提回來 ^^

    • 這篇文章 和上一篇都是同一天間寫的 只是都沒post出來

      我也看過很多知名的文章還有Flickr 的照片 都是白白的 看了之後的感覺 當然是???? 我們是屬於中文的部落格 知名度無法像英文的那麼廣泛 但是誰做得好 懂的人 自然會看得出來的 我寫文章 並不為了知名度 只是分享自己的成果

      之前還有個專賣canele的來留話 他們就是用矽模的 我去看 也是 甚麼? 長這樣子啊 ???? 還說 矽模可以烤很好 不管是不是真的 我看了她們的成品 覺得這樣子 也可以做生意啊 不過我想她們用矽模 比較容易做 而且成本也較低 光是要買這些模子的錢 就是一筆投資

      做出來 頂端白白的 道理很簡單 那就是因為麵糊升高 沒有降下來 那樣子沒有接觸銅模 當然就變成白的 也就不好吃 不脆

      不過 我買 最先完全是因為旅行的紀念品 後來想物盡其用 既然要做 就要好好的作 烤出自己認為可以的水準 不然也不敢照出來讓人家看 不過說真的 就是沒有拿出來烤 擺著也好美的

      重點是 器具準備好 材料要好 最後就是研究你家的烤溫


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