Eden Macaron

My first trial of Pierre Herme Macaron.

I did not use the recipe for macaron shells from his book. I

still used the recipe from Laduree Sucre because it is much quicker to

make French meringue. Eventually, I will start to test the recipes

of macaron shells from Pierre Herme Macarons, too.

I often just make 1/3 of the recipe in Laduree Sucre.

According to the book, its recipe yields about 50 macarons. One third of that

should normally be 16 or 17. However, I am always able to get about

twenty something macarons that are just enough for my family for a few


I also used 1/3 of the filling from the recipe of Eden macaron from Pirerre

Herme Macaron which was just about right.

Eden macaron is basically a macaron filled with peach ganache made from

white chocolate mixed with white peach puree flavored with saffron and chopped


For the filling, I used E. Guittard 31% couverture white chocolate that is available

from local Williams Sonoma. I missed out the chopped apricots. It wouldl result a chewy

texture and also acidic taste but my daughter is not fond of it.

The peach ganache was too soft even after a couple of hours in the fridge.

Dark chocolate ganache normally becomes too hard even after one hour in

the fridge. It took almost 6 hours to harden. That is ok becasue macarons

are supposed to be eaten after 12 hours in the refrigerator according to Laduree Sucre.

I am not a fan of white chocolate because it contains cream. I still prefer dark

chocolate. Dairy lovers will like this because it has a strong milk flavor scented with

slight peach essence. My husband ate 5 of them all at once. You can tell that

he really liked them. However, my daughter and I both agreed that the white

chocolate was overpowering. I think if I want to make peach flavor again, I should come

up with my own version.

There is a typo in the Eden macaron recipe in the book. I will compile the mistakes

that I found so far from this book in a different post.

An afternoon tea with loved ones on Columbus Day which also coincides with

the birth of this blog three years ago with the encouragement and assistance

from my daughter. It only made sense that I made some delicacies to thank her.

I would also like to thank all the bloggers that have been in my life

for the past three years. Without your encouragement, I don’t think I can

continue to write, as writing was never my favorite subject in school.


19 thoughts on “Eden Macaron

      • 欸! 勇氣還在孕釀中. 不過這個星期四會下手. 結果再來向你報告.
        你的馬卡龍每一次都好美, 擺盤又一整個很 elegant. 真是很想從螢幕上拿來享受.
        我看你女兒離不開家了. 你老爺只要一出門, 也一定想快快回到你身邊.

          • 如果我是你女兒或是老公, 一定希望快快回到溫馨, 又可以享受五星級般扶侍的家, 吃喜歡的菜餚, 嚐各式點心. 這就是家的向心力!

  1. Yeah, happy anniversary!!!

    I found the shells of Laduree different from PH’s… PH’s has a slight gloss to the surface, slightly more dense in texture, and more puffy in shape. Taste wise, both are yummy 🙂

    • We did not have the chance to taste PH’s macaron in London due to her allergy. Knowing that she is allergic to less nuts now, she dares to try macarons made by the bakeries. We will surely compare them side by side next time in France.

  2. Happy 3 year blog anniversary~ ^^

    I tried using white chocolate ganache as macaron filling once, and it turned out way too sweet for my tooth to handle! :p I guess with some citrus it might help balance the sweetness from the white chocolate?? Maybe I should give it a try next time.
    I followed PH’s recipe and made some bitter chocolate macarons today. It tastes amazingly good! But I guess I have bias on the bitter chocolate macaron since I am a huge fan of dark chocolate~ haha~ Now I regret so much that I only made 1/4 of the recipe amount. 😦

    • PH Macaron contains so many recipes made with white chocolate. I don’t think I will try to make them after I use up my white chocolate. I still prefer dark chocolate. Did you try the dark chocolate filling from Laduree? It contains much less butter(and fat). I am all for a leaner version of ganache. I will make the PH macaron shells to compare the differences between French meringue and Italian meringue.

      • Humm… I will reconsider about the white chocolate then…
        I haven’t received the book, and will definitely give a try when the book arrives as I am on the leaner side too. (hopefully Amazon will ship it before my trip to TW).

  3. Congratulations on the 3 year anniversary of this blog!!! I can’t believe you’ve only been posting for three years. You are so productive as a person and writer! I’m so glad that your daughter encouraged you to share your world with us. I hope you will keep writing for a long long time.

      • No, not at all. Being able to share what you love is a great thing. I hope you will always make time to “talk!"

        By the way, we had power out this past Sat so I wasn’t able to watch Kimchi Chronicles. Will try again this coming Sat…



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