Busy as a bee(staub oval trivet and gratin dish)

I don't know what you are busy with during the holiday season...

The whole family is home. I am busy cooking, baking or shopping all day.

For the past two days, my personal fashion and makeup consultant and I have gone out


For the days that we have stayed at home, the little one and I are busy watching

the Nodame Cantabile series again. Amazingly, she remembered

every act that was going to happen even she only watched it once. She even

remembered the lines that they were going to say.

In episode 2, Mine was playing the Beethoven sonata for Violin and

 Piano(spring sonata) and Chiaki sempai was doing the piano accompaniment. We

both fell in love with the music. Next day, my daughter  was already sight-reading the violin

and  piano parts of this sonata. However, the violin part is much more difficult.

She tried the piano part and said that even the piano accompaniment is as pretty as the

violin part. I agreed. So for 2, 3 hours, I was entertained with all kinds of piano

music.Sometimes she played the Symphony No.7(op. 92) and then she jumped into

Gershwin Rhapsody in Blue.

As for me, I was always busy preparing meals for the family.

One dinner, I served the lobster bisque and lobster pasta. The soup was delicious.

It surely made the difference because I spent about 3 hours cooking the lobster

stock first using lobster shells and vegetables. I also added some saffron and a little bit of

red chili flakes into the soup.

You can’t see the lobster pieces as they fell down to the bottom of the soup. It was

not so greasy and rich as the lobster bisque from restaurants. The trick is to add

some flour and stir-fry along with the vegetables so that you don’t have to add so

much whipped cream. The soup was great when we soaked it up with my home-made


On a different day the father and daughter loved the baked pasta. He was very

impressed with the new Staub gratin dish. Good job for finding it, he added.

These are new additions to my Staub collection. It is an 11-inch oval gratin dish

and a wooden oval trivet. They were the two new finds from Williams Sonoma.

The trivet is not just a wooden stand. It has magnets inside so that the cast iron

pan or dish is stuck firmly to the stand. They come in different shapes and sizes.

Today, I decided to use the new cast iron dish to roast potatoes because one

family member has been asking for this dish.

I used organic Yukon gold potatoes. I cut them into pieces and tossed them with

some olive oil, sea salt, freshly ground black pepper, and chopped garlic, and baked

at 400 degrees for about one hour until they were all browned and crispy.

You need to turn them a few times to ensure even browning on all sides.

The potatoes need to be tender inside and crispy outside. More browning was needed

after taking the photos half way. I spinkled some frozen home-grown parsley before


I like this new gratin dish. It is great to bake with and also use it on the tabletop.

It bakes nicely and also keeps warm through the whole meal. It surely was a great

find along with the wooden trivet!


16 thoughts on “Busy as a bee(staub oval trivet and gratin dish)

      • 住在城市真的比較方便,從我們住的地方開到H mart 或大華只要20分,到最新的mall也只要40分。只是這沒有像鄉下有很多松樹森林,空氣也沒鄉下好,但比起L A,這裏真是乾淨多了。

        • H-mart 和大華都是新的超市 六年前我們去找房子時 都還沒有 不過那時候 我對整個Dallas 並不是很喜歡 特別是植物景觀 整個感覺是乾燥的(我們是夏天去的) 購物的感覺 也不是很好 開過的地區 印象也普普 最後還是決定留在芝加哥呢 因為這邊日本店也比較方便 更有大城市的方便 但是我們的住家卻在森林保護區旁 空氣好 沒有車子聲音 不覺得是在都市 開車幾分鐘 卻有都市的方便 就是冬天長一點 不過Dallas 的夏天很熱也很長 是另一種極端吧

          • 我們住在rockwall和dallas隔着一座湖,這裏的植物真的看起來都不綠,可能離沙漠型氣候太近了,真的很想念Mississippi 的森林。

          • 那你一定要勤勞的塗防曬油 不然上了年齡 會很多黑色的班 以前台灣長大 從不塗 現在就知道後果了

            我記得的Dallas 就是有樹的地方 也不是很綠油油的感覺 我想是夏天溫度太高的關係吧 所以才會每家都需要游泳池

            用刷子沾水 我覺得還麻煩點 我現在就是用大的噴水器 烤好時 馬上噴一下烤盤(烤盤紙稍微提高一下) 這樣確保不會沾黏

  1. 好棒喔!從吃的,用的,到相片…這會挑起太多的慾望!

    • 不客氣 其實我買東西 不會衝動亂買的 而且都是有需要才會買的 不是為了寫部落格 只是順便寫出來分享 所以也要看你自己需不需要用到 需要才去買


  2. I have this Staub gratin dish and use it to grill steaks,Korean BBQ beef as well. That tastes so good so I never used other pan to grill meat.
    After looking the picture of your roast potatoes, I’m so regret that I didn’t purchase the Staub gratin dish in WS yesterday which was only cost $50, it must gone now, woooooo……..
    Love your articles, happy new year!

    • I thought about grilling steak also.

      I was surprised to see them in the store. It was supposed to be an on-line item. I found the gratin dish at one WS store and the wooden trivet at a different WS store. I was gueesing somebody may have ordered online and returned them to the store because the other set in the store was used(the tag and label were off). The one I got is brand new because I know how they package it.

  3. staub 裝起料理來好美喔 ~
    姐姐 我好愛Staub
    可惜台灣的價格太高 都要請代購買才會便宜些~


    • 我是不是要被你家麥克列為禁止往來戶(just kidding)!!

      家中的hot pad剛好也用得已經破舊不堪 非常難看 所以正好派上用場 WS網站好像這個shape的正在清倉 我是剛好逛到WS的店 看到的 馬上買起來



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